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DGM Group of Companies is an International holding with offices in various countries. DGM headquarters are in Zug (Switzerland).

The company is a leading supplier of systems for infection control in the Russian market and
the company's headquarters are in Zug, Switzerland.

The company has been working in the territory of the Russian Federation since 2005, and currently holds a leading position among sterilization equipment suppliers. 25% of steam sterilizers, imported into the territory of Russia are DGM sterilizers.

Company Highlights:

  • End-to-end solutions for building infection control systems
  • A wide range of equipment for different categories of customers and different tasks
  • Development and innovation, continuous monitoring and implementation of new technologies in production, development of new models of equipment
  • Manufacturing of equipment with a view to the needs and possibilities of users, and customization to special characteristics of Russia and the CIS

DGM supplies a wide range of equipment to the market of the Russian Federation and the CIS:

  • Steam sterilizers and low temperature sterilizers
  • Disinfection-washing machines
  • Steam disinfection chambers
  • Ultrasonic washing machines
  • Machines for disinfection and reprocessing of medical waste
  • Thermal sealing devices
  • Medical furniture, shelving, transport trolleys, etc.

Packing materials and indicators for steam-, gas- and low-temperature sterilization. Medical equipment under the DGM trademark is registered in the Russian Federation and in a number of countries of the CIS, in accordance with international standards and designed taking into account the possibility of operation in medical facilities of any type.

The main competitive advantage is the supply of a wide range of disinfection and sterilization devices for integrated equipment of central sterilization service departments (CSSD) of medical facilities and their subsequent installation and setup.

The exclusive supplier in Russia and the CIS for DGM equipment is DGM PHARMA APPARATE RUS, LLC

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